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 The allowing documentation

Biovit - a homogeneous loose powder, insoluble in water, from light brown up to dark brown color with a specific smell. The structure of a preparation includes an antibiotic chlortetracycline and vitamin В12.

A preparation apply an animal with clinical symptoms of disease, as a rule a group method with a forage, milk, water.

The price on Biovit is formed on the basis of the size of the order, conditions of payment and delivery.

The enterprise guarantees non-polluting production of excellent quality.
BIOVIT-80 is registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and the foodstuffs of the Russian Federation. In Russian state standard the body on certification of veterinary preparations and forages has certificated production of the enterprise and has given out the certificate of conformity.

The company has the license for manufacture of veterinary medicines and the preparations, given by the State department of veterinary medicine of the Ministry of an agrarian policy of Ukraine.

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