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        Closed joint-stock company "Zaporozhbiosintez"
                       makes veterinary antibiotics a method
                                        of microbiological synthesis.

Our company works since 1959 and is widely known in Ukraine and in the countries CIS as the basic manufacturer of antibiotics of veterinary purpose such as tetracycline and oxytetracycline.

We are the largest supplier of highly active forms of biovit to many regional veterinary stations, integrated poultry farms, the agricultural companies, and individual consumers. At the enterprise numerous contracts with consumers from the countries of near and far abroad - Byelorussia, Russian Federation, Litva, Germany, Czechia, Spain and others are concluded.

Joint-Stock Company " Zaporozhbiosintez" has united highly skilled experts in the field of microbiology and manufactures of veterinary antibiotics, assured in success and capable to provide this success. The laboratory of the enterprise is one of the best at selection of experts and equipment.

The factory has originally been created in 1959 as small shop biomicine. In 1961 after liquidation the food-processing organization has been organized the Top Khortitsa a factory fodder antibiotics, annual capacity was 116 kg. biomicine. After reconstruction in 1964 release of biovit in 1970 has increased up to 19,2 tons.

In 1983 the factory has been renamed into the Zaporozhye skilled biochemical factory.

The result of works in expansion of industrial base and perfection of technological process was increase in release biovit in 1989 up to 114 tons.

In 1989. the company was renamed into the Zaporozhye rent skilled biochemical factory, and since 1994. the factory has received the modern name of Joint-Stock Company "Zaporozhbiosintez".

Now our main product is biovit, that is made from non-polluting raw material.

The company has the license for manufacture of veterinary medicines and the preparations, given by the State department of veterinary medicine of the Ministry of an agrarian policy of Ukraine.

BIOVIT-80 is registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and the foodstuffs of the Russian Federation. In Russian state standard the body on certification of veterinary preparations and forages has certificated production of the enterprise and has given out the certificate of conformity.

The enterprise guarantees non-polluting production of excellent quality.
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